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Red Deer Renovation Season is Here! Call Our Home Renovations Contractors to Schedule Your Building or Renovation Project Today

Home Renovations Contractors

Ross Contracting is excited to finally step into spring and get renovating. We’ve put together some great spring home renovation ideas to get your creative gears spinning, so when you’re ready for our home renovations contractors to get started, just give us a call. Is it finally time to replace your home’s dated carpeting now that the kids are a bit older? Your renovation dream is our specialty!

Red Deer Building Permits: Do I Need Permission to Schedule a Home Renovation?

Residential property owners or their contractors must submit a Red Deer building permit application for renovations and basement developments that meet certain criteria. If your home renovation requires a building or development permit, we’ll handle everything on your behalf to make the process run as smoothly as possible. If you’re eager to renovate your home this spring, let us know ASAP to avoid long permit approval wait times.

You will only need a development permit if you are:

1.      Changing the location of windows and doors or adding new ones

You will need a building permit if you are:

1.      Renovating your home

2.      Finishing your basement

3.      Adding, moving or removing interior walls

4.      Changing window sizes

5.      Replacing kitchen cupboards

Small renovation projects may not require a Red Deer County building permit. The following renovation projects can be completed without permission:

1.      Painting the walls

2.      Replacing flooring

3.      Replacing counter tops

4.      Replacing shingles or siding

Red Deer building permit fees ultimately depend on the size and value of the construction. The minimum fee is $105 (as of 2023). City of Red Deer commercial building permits cost $9.02 per $1,000-worth of construction costs. Residential permit fees are charged according to square metreage of your main and upper floor areas, basement, garage, deck or apartments.

The experienced Red Deer contractors at Ross Contracting know the ins and outs of permit applications and fees because we’ve handled them thousands of times. For all renovations and basement development in Red Deer, permits are swiftly dealt with by our team so that we can all get going on those long-awaited home renovations! Contractors at Ross are sure to tick every box and dot every “i” on city or county paperwork, which means less down time on projects and quicker results for you.

Whether you’re looking for a custom home builder in Red Deer or a skilled home renovation team, Ross Contracting is the right choice! Call us at 403-415-4060 and tell us all about your spring home renovation or building plans, and we’ll get started ASAP. Talk soon!


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