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Red Deer Contractors Are Ready for Your Spring Home Renovation Plans

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If your home is like most of ours in Alberta during the cold, dark months, it has collected dust and clutter over that time. Our internal instinct to slow down during the long, dull months of winter unfortunately leads to unfinished projects and an overall lack of motivation to improve and freshen up the home. Well, we have good news: It’s almost springtime! Time for that special rush of adrenaline that makes us want to do the spring cleaning, throw clutter away and even plan out whole house renovations—any project that brings in more light, more functionality and more joy.

Have you been putting off a home refresh for awhile now? It’s time to get excited about your space again! Talk to Ross Contracting to talk through home renovation ideas and get quotes for projects like cabinet installation, basement development and bathroom refits. Get inspired by landscaping designs, patio extensions and driveway paving to give your tired outdoor space a new lease on life and welcome friends and family when summer finally arrives.

Three Great Ideas for Your Spring Home Renovation

Shake off the winter blues and start planning for brighter days. Here are some good places to start!

1.      Finish Old Projects

If your home features a partially ripped-out wall or gutted powder room, you are not alone. Stop ignoring it and give us a call! We are the best Red Deer contractors for any job, whether it’s finishing a forgotten DIY reno or starting a brand-new house build. Whatever the project, having it finished professionally is going to make your home look and feel a lot better.

Nothing freshens up a dull room or home interior quite like a new coat of paint or stylish wallpaper. Do yourself a favour and flip through some paint samples—you might be surprised how good it feels just to think about new colours in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living area! A new colour combination could be just what you need to feel re-inspired by your entire home.

3.      Tackle Something Big

Go ahead, do that big reno you’ve been daydreaming about for more than a year! Rip out that old-fashioned kitchen and install tall, white-panelled cupboards with a matching kitchen island topped with quartz or butcher’s block. Knock down that superfluous wall that separates the kitchen and dining room to create more light and open space. Install a picture window in the living room. Whatever your heart desires! You will appreciate it for years to come.

Red Deer Home Renovation is Just a Phone Call Away

Ross Contracting is here for your spring home renovation, big or small. Our Red Deer contractors are excited to fix those unfinished home renos you’ve taken on yourself and lost motivation to finish; we’re also excited to tackle big kitchen renos, basement renos and anything that is going to make you fall back in love with your space this summer!


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